Grow Xponentially




Companies we worked at or led



  • Founding new businesses
  • Leading global businesses
  • Innovation management
  • Scaling new businesses
  • Founding & managing start-ups


  • Over 300 years of combined experience in management and innovation
  • Change management and turnarounds
  • Sourcing/purchasing
  • Sales, retail and wholesale.


  • Investors, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and leading partners in all relevant fields.
  • Companies, start-ups
  • Over 30000 unique LinkedIn connections


Access to channels


     Global Big Box Retailers

  • Proven track record over time of placement in mass merchants, consumer electronics and office superstores

  • Initial launch with brands like Philips, GE, Osram, Traxon and SanDisk building multi-million dollar businesses for these retailers


  • Access to Fortune 500 companies, system integrators and manufacturers

     End users

  • Access to and experience doing business in USA, Mexico, Asia, China, South America and Western Europe


Helped us to move to the next level: The Consultants were engaging, understood our needs and helped us to move to the next level.

David Chong, Executive VP, Universal Electronics Inc , Hong Kong , Dec 2016


UEI : After the workshop was conducted last month from your company, I observed that there are big changes with the working spirit of our 2nd layer management team. The problem solving process in our company is getting smoother without the usual fights and pushback attitudes.      

KP Yong, GM GTY and UEY Operations, Universal Electronics Inc. , June 2016


Opened Eyes to See, Opened Ears to Listen and Opened the Mind to Share.

Banley Chan, Senior Director, Universal Electronics Inc, Hong Kong, Dec 2016


CML:   Since 2015 we increased a lot of  speed and efficiency. With unique mix of great experience combined with the modern coaching style, Mike gained the trust of the whole Management Team and became an inspiring engine of growth for CML worldwide.

Daniel Jacob, Managing Director, CML Global, Hong Kong, February 2016