Grow Xponentially


Start-up Acceleration/ Scaling  

What we do

  • We link value creators with companies who want to leverage value.

  • We help you scale, locally and globally.

  • We help you to be effective in your commercialization.

  • We utilize our network and portfolio of companies to leverage partnerships.

Key Market Segments

  The start-up ecosystem


With the right inspiration, support, introductions and guidance our customers will grow faster than competition to become a leader


Our key market segments


     Smart Lifestyle

  • Wellness and wearables
  • IoT applications in wellness and healthcare
  • Consumer electronics
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Security and safety
  • Semiconductors

     Smart City

  • Management systems and software
    (Cloud, Mobile, SaaS (Enterprise and B2C),..… )
  • Smart mobility
  • Energy efficiency, lighting
  • Smart communications
  • Smart renewable energy
  • IOT

Focus: Early stage companies in growth stage and after


Seed Investments

  • Domain expert. In pre-revenue phase, no prior institutional financing.
  • Case by Case bases.


Early Stage Growth

  • Received seed funding
  • A proof of concept or working prototype. Product/Market fit and customer validation.

Growth Investments

  • Generating revenue.
  • Ideally cash-flow positive.
  • In growth phase (> 20% in the last fiscal year)