Grow Xponentially


Consulting Medium Size Companies

Innovation and Transformations

·         Are you C-level executive in company with $100M to $1B USD revenue?

·         Do you recognize the company’s future is challenged and that something different is needed to secure corporate advantage?

·         Do you acknowledge that you need experienced external expertise?

·         Is your company previously successful and now is struggling?

If your answer is yes in any of the questions then you are at the right address.


1. Transformational Leadership in Team Development, Productivity and Results

  • Learn a new practical process to achieve breakthrough in individual, team performance and productivity.

  • Build a team that can win and achieve amazing results in demanding business environments.

  • Transform the performance and productivity of your company.

  • Increase dramatically the TRUST of your multicultural Team.

  • Having high performing teams is the key to scaling your business. Building or optimizing the right teams, with the right people in the right place begins by knowing yourself and then your team. Creating FLOW in a Team or Company can increase productivity up to 5X.

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2. Business Transformation, Modelling and Innovation

  • How to innovate in an established company like a lean start-up.

  • How to innovate in the 21st century

  • What is changing in the 21st century and what to do

  • How to transform or create new business models.

Value Network

Value Network


  • How to grow your business Xponentially



3. Technology

  • Smart communication technologies for smart city

  • SaaS, XaaS

  • Smart lighting and smart city

  • IoT

  • Renewable energy

  • Wearables and wellness


4. Functional

  • Management and Transformations

  • Innovation

  • Marketing strategy

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Operations

  • Start-up scaling

  • Project management

  • M&A